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Nicole Nicolaysen

Pompano Beach is a beautiful wide beach with parks, shops, restaurants, libraries, piers and all the conveniences that make beach living fun. In the center of Pompano, Ocean Blvd. is set back from A1A allowing a beautiful frontage street without A1A's traffic. This frontage street allows an easy access beach with a safe and relaxed atmosphere. Condos, Co-op, and townhomes line the beach in both the north and south areas of Pompano.

Lots of families and seasonal people enjoy a small town, friendly atmosphere in a big city. Remember, A1A and 95 can get you anywhere in minutes. Anything that you might want to do or see is available.

Pompano Beach has many condo, co-op and townhouses, unique building both small and large. Not being on the water does not interfere with the view from many of Pompanos buildings.

Contact Information - Darlene Nicolaysen, 954-816-7765, darlene@oceanhomez.com - Nicole Nicolaysen, 954-806-7136, Nicole@oceanhomez.com